Brian Eggers

Brian Eggers

About Brian Eggers

Serving others through the art of Real Estate.  Throughout my life and career, it has been my mission to help others achieve and live a good life.   

In my career as a pastor, I would take great care to listen
attentively to the needs of those I am serving and help them resolve their struggles and come to a solution that improves their lives in many ways. 

As a musician, I carefully listen and adapt my performance
to ensure that I am in tune with my instrument and with those who are performing with me. A musician is always practicing his/her art to be the best they can possibly be and transform the lives of those who experience their music-making. As your real estate agent, I will make sure you are heard and do my best to resolve any issue in your home
buying or selling experience. I will do my best to always be in tune with the market and your every real estate need.   

Allow me to guide you on the transformational journey of selling your home and discovering the home that makes your heart sing.